Sex, Tech & Faith: Ethics in a Digital Age

A values-based, shame-free, pleasure-positive discussion of Christian ethics in response to a range of pressing issues in the digital age—including online pornography, dating apps, sexting, virtual-reality hookups, and sex robots.

Christian Ethics for a Digital Society!

Instead of just worrying about the next technological gadget or app, it’s time we consider what Christianity has to offer a world increasingly reimagined in a digital landscape. This book provides a new perspective on how to assess digital technology use, development, and expansion through a lens of Christian values. The purpose of this book is to begin a conversation about the massive ecosystem change that digital technologies push in our lives through a focus on the ethics of everyday practices.

Sex+Faith cover

Sex + Faith: Talking with Your Child from Birth to Adolescence. 

Invite her to lead a workshop in your congregation for: parents, teens, or tweens on sexuality and faith development; for clergy on professional sexual ethics; and for Christian educators on sexuality education.


Blog on sexuality, technology, and faith-based education

On Sound of the Genuine

In this episode with Dr. Reyes, Dr. Kate Ott talks about being fueled by relationships and how her call manifests in creating moments to help the next generation figure out how religion fits into their daily lives and vocation through her writing, advocacy, and teaching.

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