On Sound of the Genuine

In this episode with Dr. Reyes, Dr. Kate Ott talks about being fueled by relationships and how her call manifests in creating moments to help the next generation figure out how religion fits into their daily lives and vocation through her writing, advocacy, and teaching.

Reframing Our Stories

Featured podcast episode #53 on Reframing Our Stories with Kara Haug. This podcast provides sexual health education, resources and tools for families and communities to normalize conversations around sex and relationships, remove shame, and reframe our stories to promote openness, acceptance and a positive sense of self.

Two On One: Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer with Dr. Kate Ott

From Two On One Project “This album is centered and rooted around love. And no revolution, in my opinion, will last if we don’t speak out of love.”- Janelle Monáe on Dirty Computer Join us today as we discuss Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe with the incredible and incomparable Dr. Kate Ott whose new book “Sex, Tech, and Faith: Ethics for a Digital Age” is out now! This episode of Two On One discusses sex, Read more…