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“This album is centered and rooted around love. And no revolution, in my opinion, will last if we don’t speak out of love.”- Janelle Monáe on Dirty Computer

Join us today as we discuss Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe with the incredible and incomparable Dr. Kate Ott whose new book “Sex, Tech, and Faith: Ethics for a Digital Age” is out now! This episode of Two On One discusses sex, sexuality, and the church. We are a sex-positive show but wanted to give our Deuces this content knowledge for their own decision making. Support their show.

If you are looking for more reading (beyond Sex, Tech, and Faith) on this topic check out, my article:

Purifying Dirty Computers: Cyborgs, Sex, Christ, and Otherness” in Cursor_ Zeitschrift Für Explorative Theologie, April 2021. I talk about how virtual reality, especially neural network technology, provides a theologically imaginative experience of otherness that disrupts racialized, sexual, and cultural logics that undergird dominant Christian white cisheterosexual theologies. This is the Phd version of Chapter 4 in Sex, Tech, and Faith!