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Sex+Faith coverTalking with your child about sex can be scary! Sex + Faith helps parents incorporate their faith values with sexuality information so they can answer questions, discuss sexuality at each stage of childhood, and show support of sexual and gender differences. Section one explains how faith relates to sexuality and the essential role parents play in forming sexually healthy and faithful children. The second section designates a chapter for four age groupings of children from infancy through high school. Each chapter provides an overview of the biological and developmental issues of the age, answers questions children tend to have, provides relevant Biblical and faith stories helpful to discuss with children of that age, and lists five to ten key educational issues for parents to keep in mind. Shaded text boxes are interspersed throughout the book with real life, practical questions that parents and children ask.

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Brimming with compassion and common sense, Kate Ott’s Sex and Faith is a love letter to parents who are doing their level best to raise kids who love God, themselves, and others, right down to their X and Y chromosomes. Ott’s brilliance as a teacher shines through on every page; instead of moralizing she shows how parent-child sex conversations, around countless topics, might sound at various points in the lifecycle—and how these conversations strengthen the faith of parents and children alike.  Sex and Faith doesn’t pick ethical fights or resolve theological disputes (nor does it try to).  It’s a refreshingly honest, and ultimately hopeful go-to book that every parent, children’s minister, youth pastor, and educator should have on our shelves.”
Kenda Creasy Dean, Ph.D.
Professor of Youth, Church and Culture
Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ
Author of Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church (Oxford) and The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul-Tending for Youth Ministry (Upper Room, with Ron Foster).

“Face it, parents need good sexuality education even more than their kids do, so stand aside Dr. Ruth, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Spock. Kudos to Kate Ott for writing the book everyone’s been waiting for.”
Rev. Marvin M. Ellison, Ph.D.
Willard Bass Professor of Christian Ethics
Bangor Theological Seminary, Bangor, ME
Author of books such as Making Love Just: Sexual Ethics for Perplexing Times

“Good, thoughtful, faithful sex education is probably the best antidote we have to sexual abuse. Thank God for Kate Ott’s valuable contribution to this effort in our faith communities.”
Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Founder and Senior Analyst
FaithTrust Institute, Seattle, WA

“Let Kate Ott help you on the wonderful adventure of teaching your children about their sexuality in the context of your Christian faith! This book is full of practical, accessible, and sensible information and counsel for today’s parent.”
Rev. Debra W. Haffner
President, Religious Institute, Inc., Westport, CT
Author of From Diapers to Dating and Beyond the Big Talk

“The perfect support for those important, but sometimes tough, conversations on faith and sexuality.  Dr. Ott breaks down an important, but sometimes overwhelming, topic into manageable conversations.”
Rev. Micah James
Minister to Families and Children, Northway Christian Church, Dallas, TX

“As a pastor, parent, and person of faith who adamantly believes the church needs to be more proactive and positive about all matters of sexuality, I applaud and appreciate everything Kate has presented.  From infants to adults, she has gifted us with a resource that is accessible, engaging, and sorely needed in our time!”
Kenji Marui
Coordinating Minister of Worship and Care, Calvary United Church,  Ontario, Canada

“Kate Ott offers an informed, well-written resource that is sensitive to parents’ concerns and the complexities of talking with children and teens about sexuality in our time. A terrific resource at any stage of parenting!”
Joyce Ann Mercer, LCSW, Ph.D.
Professor of Practical Theology
Virginia Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA
Author of books such as Welcoming Children: A Practical Theology of Childhood
GirlTalk/GodTalk: Why Faith Matters to Teenage Girls–and Their Parents

“Finally, a holistic, ‘faith-full’ book on sexuality education that isn’t only about sex. I wish I had this book when raising my two daughters. Explicitly Christian but values and ethics translate across faiths.  A must-read for all parents and grandparents, and anyone working with children and youth.”
Su Yon Pak, Ed.D.
Senior Director & Associate Professor, Integrative and Field-Based Education
Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, New York, NY
Author of Push It! Young Adults Engage the Bible

“This book is beyond ‘user friendly’ for parents to teach their children sexuality education. It is a must read for all who care about bridging the divide between sexuality and faith.”
Evelyn L. Parker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Author of books such as The Sacred Selves of Adolescent Girls: Hard Stories of Race,
Class And Gender

“Intelligent. Faithful. Timely. Every Christian parent and child owes a debt of gratitude to Kate Ott for this grace-filled guide to bringing the Good Book and the Big Talk into loving and lasting relationship.”
Rev Dr. Darryl W. Stephens
Clergy, The United Methodist Church, Chicago, Illinois

Kate understands that good sexuality education takes the long, slow road of forming Christian disciples whose choices—sexual and otherwise—result from their identity as Christians.  Kate is faithful, practical and insightful.”
Dwayne Stinson
Director of Youth Ministries, Reveille United Methodist Church, Richmond VA

“Thank you, Kate Ott, for writing such a positively-framed book about sexuality for Christian parents!”
Bill Taverner, MA, CSE
Executive Director of the Center for Family Life Education, Morristown, NJ
Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Sexuality Education